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Omni-Channel Fleet Management System for Yacht

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Why Yachtory?

Central Google Calendar

2-way calendar sync feature seamlessly connects your yacht's schedule with various calendar platforms, to eliminate double-bookings and achieve precise schedule management.

Manage your Partners

Overview of all the past and current bookings made by your partners

Partner Booking Queue

Avoid opportunity lost by queueing partner’s bookings

Business with us is smooth sailing

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3 simple setup to start sailing

List of yacht

Upload all your yacht's information and rates


Integrate with your partners & your favourite calendar

Accept bookings

Automatically sync all your bookings and availability

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Yachtory is the most advanced charter booking system, respected by fleets and agencies alike. Get a free consultation with Yachtory today! Our team is here to help you find the perfect solutions for your needs. Schedule your consultation now and discover how Yachtory can elevate your yacht management journey.


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